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Waidroka Bay Resort

Waidroka Bay Resort


Waidroka Bay Surf & Dive Resort offers amazing Fiji diving & surfing holidays. Explore Fiji‘s famous SCUBA & SHARK DIVING at Beqa Lagoon, combined with Fiji’s best UNCROWDED SURF BREAKS, led by famous FRIGATES PASSAGE, for the ultimate FIJI SURF EXPERIENCE. 

Great resort amenities, healthy and fresh food throughout, helps to creat a home-away-from-home and base for exploration. Waidroka will deliver the most memorable Fijian experiences of all times. The resort is famous for it‘s Fijian style hospitality and our unique atmosphere of sharing our passion for Fiji, it’s amazing super-friendly people and the Pacific Ocean. All guests at the resort immediately feel the special “Waidroka Atmosphere” with our main focus on super-service and embracing all guest as part of the Waidroka Family throughout their stay. 

About Waidroka Bay Resort 

In Fijian Waidroka means fresh spring water referring to the creek which runs through the rain-forest and Waidroka Bay straight into the Pacific Ocean. Waidroka Bay Resort offers the ultimate ‘Fijian Adventure’ combining everything the Pacific Ocean has to offer with a stunning and tranquil rain-forest setting for complete relaxation and is conveniently located only 2 hours from the Nadi airport right on the main island, Viti Levu. 


The perfect combination of pure relaxation and exhilarating action, Waidroka Bay Resort offers mind-blowing Surfing at Frigates Passage, world-class Scuba Diving at the Beqa Lagoon, Frigates Walls & Passage and the famous Beqa Shark Dive, Fishing, Snorkeling, Trekking and all that is expected of a Fijian oceanfront adventurer paradise. 


Waidroka Bay Resort, also offers a huge variety of land-based Cultural & Adventure Activities, due to its unique location right on the mainland only 20 minutes away from Pacific Harbour – the Adventure and Culture Capital of Fiji.  


Famous Fijian hospitality and smiles, a variety of accommodation, stunning views, delicious food, exhilarating activities and a dream location conveniently located on the main island Viti Levu, only 25 minutes away from the adventure capital of Pacific Harbour – yet totally secluded in the midst of the rain-forest right on the Pacific Ocean… 


Waidroka Bay Resort is one of the few remaining places, where exploration and adventure are still possible and the true meaning of relaxation can be experienced in the most intimate environment. 


Surfing Fiji 

Waidroka Bay Resort offers Fiji’s largest variety of UNCROWDED LEFT & RIGHT- HAND SURF BREAKS 

Surfing Fiji is world class and there is surf year around at Waidroka Bay Resort’s southern coast benefiting from the Pacific ocean’s southern swell patterns. The Pacific swells break on the various reef passages only 10-15 minutes boat ride from the resort and present a variety of untouched left & right-hand FIJI SURF BREAKS. The surf which is breaking over reef (reef-breaks) can be challenging at about 5 foot plus for more inexperienced surfers, who need to be competent in surfing these type of breaks. Due to the location of Waidroka Bay Resort with very few other Fiji surf resorts around – we benefit from Fiji’s only uncrowded waves (don’t spread the word…). 




The Fijian summer time  ( November – March) is definitely warmer and not as windy, with frequent glassy conditions producing pure tropical surfing. The waves are usually originating from, shorter swell patterns with lighter winds, benefiting the less experienced surfers with smaller waves in general – with the odd surprise of size and glass combining to absolute perfection. 


Waidroka Bay Resort offers world-class SCUBA DIVING with incredible variety and some of Fiji’s finest SOFT CORAL and the great FIJI SHARK DIVE in the BEQA LAGOON. 

FIJI has one of the world’s largest CORAL REEF’S – over 4000 sq. miles of reef…one of the planets largest variety of marine life and most diverse eco systems…over 1500 different species of fish…incredible variety of coral with over 400 different coral types…some of the most beautiful SOFT CORAL in the world…great year around diving conditions with friendly water temperatures…visibility which can easily exceed 100 ft…the best ‘SHARK DIVE ‘in the world – up to 9 species of sharks…combined with the friendliest & happiest people in the world…and of course FIJI’S wonderful villages, kava ceremonies and landscapes of lush tropical rain-forest and lot’s of ADVENTURE. 


BEQA LAGOON is world famous for its soft-coral & marine life, perfectly reflecting the variety & diversity of FIJI’S diving. BEQA is also home to the world’s top SHARK DIVES! 

The BEQA LAGOON is one of the world’s largest BARRIER REEFS…it is surrounded by over 190 miles of spectacular coral…it is world renowned for its spectacular SOFT CORAL and abundant marine life…it has FIJI’S largest variety of diving in one centralized area…it is easily accessible directly from the airport on VITI LEVU (main island)…it is also called “THE MECCA OF PACIFIC DIVING”…is the home of Fiji’s world famous FIJI SHARK DIVES ! 


WAIDROKA BAY RESORT offers divers an ultimate dive experience, through its easy location, access to the BEQA LAGOON, the SHARK DIVING, passion for FIJI, our beautiful resort and of course our staff – the Waidroka Family! 


WAIDROKA DIVE offers the perfect set-up, conveniently located on VITI LEVU…no further inter-island flights or ferries…private BOUTIQUE DIVE RESORT experience & personal atmosphere…a real ‘Home away from Home’…3.5 star *** amenities with air-conditioning, 3-G Wi-Fi & mini fridges…superb fresh food…huge amount of CULTURAL & ADVENTURE ACTIVITIES for non-divers or off-dive days…amazing variety of dive sites within 10-45 minutes boat ride…fleet of 5 DIVE BOATS…FULL-SERVICE PADI DIVE CENTER…suits large Groups of  up to 28 divers…extremely passionate & experienced dive staff…tropical warm water…great value for money! 


Waidroka offers the largest variety of Adventures in Fiji – both water- & land-based ! 

Whether you are looking for amazing action & adventure for the entire family, or simple tranquility, at Waidroka Bay Resort we have it all. Our intimate surroundings combined with our friendly and personalized service make Waidroka Bay Resort a memorable holiday choice for adventure travelers. 


Resort Based Adventures: all of our below the water, in the water and above the water activities are ranging from – Stand Up Paddle Boarding / Snorkeling / Skurfing / Sport- and Game-Fishing / Kayaking and of course SURFING FIJI and SCUBA DIVING FIJI. We also have a variety of land-based on-site resort activities like Volleyball / White-Sand Beach Picnics & Excursions / Bird-watching / Mangrove Trips / Rain-forest Trekking / White-Sand-Beach Trips and Board and Lawn Games. 

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