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Rivers Fiji

Rivers Fiji

Fiji Rafting Adventures

Whitewater rafting in Fiji? Yes, and there’s no better way to experience the authentic natural and cultural heritage of the islands, than on a highlands rafting adventure with Rivers Fiji. Just ask around…


Rivers Fiji is an award-winning tour operator backed with more than 40 years of experience in whitewater rafting and adventure travel.


Are you looking for adventure? Need a break from the beach? We have rafting trips departing year-round, Monday – Saturday from Pacific Harbour on the main Island of Viti Levu. Transfers from Nadi & Suva are available for an extra cost and all trips include a delicious riverside lunch.


With Rivers Fiji you can raft the incomparable Upper Navua Gorge or inflatable kayak on the ‘Luva River and feel the rush of whitewater while you explore lush rainforest, narrow canyons and hidden waterfalls…

The Fiji Islands are a tropical paradise renowned for white sandy beaches, romantic getaways, backpacker holidays and world-class diving, but in 1998 Rivers Fiji pioneered whitewater rafting in Fiji. Since then, Rivers Fiji and a staff of friendly and well-trained Fijian guides have offered world-class service and unmatched travel experiences for active adventurers of all ages and abilities on the rivers of Fiji’s Viti Levu.


Upper Navua River Rafting

In the remote highlands of Viti Levu lies one of the most unique river trips on Earth. Slicing a deep chasm through the island’s tropical interior, the Upper Navua River is our hidden pathway to a pristine tropical wilderness. Shrouded in lush rain forest, fed by countless waterfalls and protected by challenging rapids, the Upper Navua River is Fiji rafting at its best.


Rivers Fiji is proud to introduce you to the Upper Navua Gorge. Your exploration of this amazing river is perhaps one of the most unique journeys in all of Fiji, if not the South Pacific and the World. This excursion will take you through some of the country’s most formidable and phenomenally beautiful terrain in the relative comfort of inflatable rafts. This is a special trip not because of one unparalleled attribute upon which the success of the trip is based, but many special and scenically significant places; each individually worthy of special recognition. There is not one waterfall but many (some say at least seventy); not one short stretch of deep, narrow canyon, but kilometers. This is a place where black volcanic walls are at points barely five meters apart and over forty meters high and fringed by emerald rainforest. This is a place where man has been merely an intermittent visitor at best, where some of the wildest and most beautiful Fiji can still be found.


Luva River Inflatable Kayaking

Our journey into the famous Namosi Valley to paddle the Wainikoroiluva (‘Luva) River is more than just a river trip. It is an experience in adventure, culture, people and history. It’s the trip that our guests most frequently return from with inspiration and a desire to come back; to have the experience all over again. It’s a Fiji you never imagined existed, it’s the Fiji you’ll never forget.


The ‘Luva River trip is “5 Adventures in 1″ as it takes you deep inside the Namosi Highlands, visits a village for a traditional kava ceremony with the chief, travels the river by kayak, takes you on a short hike to the tallest waterfall in the Namosi Province and finishes with an exhilarating ‘punt’ ride through the lower Navua Canyon.


To miss this trip is to miss the real Fiji. Join us on this adventure into the highlands of Viti Levu for a once in a lifetime experience.

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