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Maldives Aggressor II

Maldives Aggressor II

The Maldives Aggressor II is built and powered for comfort, safety and stability. She is diesel powered and cruises at 12 knots, has a beautiful spacious salon, sundeck, chaise lounges, deck chairs, bar, grill, and a complete photo/video center. She accommodates 22 passengers in 11 staterooms; 8 staterooms with single beds, 2 staterooms with Queen size beds and 1 stateroom with a king size bed. Lower deck staterooms have portholes in the cabin and bathrooms. Upper deck staterooms have picture windows and portholes in bathrooms. Suite stateroom is located on the main deck with panoramic windows All staterooms have en suite bathrooms with shower, closet, porthole, 5 hairdryers and individual AC climate control. The yacht has 110 volt and 220 volt at the camera charging and computer stations. For use of 110 in other areas, we suggest guests bring USA 110 to 220 twin pin socket adaptors.


The Maldives Aggressor II Includes:

 All staterooms are air-conditioned and include a private bathroom, shower, sink, hair dryer and robes. Your chef prepares breakfast, lunch and an elegant meal at dinner with tableside service in addition to fresh mid-morning and afternoon snacks. Beverages included are: fruit juices, soft drinks, iced water, tea, coffee, and local beer and wine. Fresh towels are placed in each stateroom as needed. Tanks, air tanks, weights and weight belts are included. Island transfers from the airport to and from the Maldives Aggressor II are included in your charter if it starts to/from on the charter start/departure date. Domestic air is not included in the cost of the charter.


Maldives Diving Conditions:

 You will be diving in water that averages 80-84°F. Most guests make as many as 3-4 dives each day, so some sort of protection is needed. A 3mm wetsuit is recommended year round. All diving is from the 60 ft. dhoni. The climate is warm year round and determined by the monsoons. The monsoons are mild and not as defined as in neighboring countries. The northeast monsoon starts in January and goes through the end of April. In January and February the currents can be very strong but the big animal activity can be fantastic. The beginning of January brings clear water to most of the area, which can be over 200 feet visibility. The tidal movements with incoming and outgoing tides determine underwater visibility in the Maldives. The monsoon patterns have a significant impact on the diving. From May to October, the southwest monsoon brings more rain, wind and big animal action. Mantas and Whale Sharks can be seen year round, however are more prevalent in April, May, October and November. There are no cyclones in the Maldives because of being located at the Equator level. Diving is carried out from a "diving dhoni” that will not anchor but will follow the divers from the surface. This is the safest and most comfortable way to dive in the Maldives due to the wind and current. Every diver will have his own seat and his own basket where he will store his diving gear, which will always remain on the diving dhoni. The system leaves the main boat free to handle accommodations, meals and social activities in a quiet atmosphere. Due to the currents in the Maldives, it is mandatory everyone bring safety device(s) to dive with such as an emergency safety sausage, Dive Alert air horn, personal mini strobe, whistle and/or signaling mirror. We suggest you bring any other safety items you feel will be necessary. A limited supply is available onboard. Dive computers are mandatory for each diver. There is a law in the Maldives that the depth limit is 98 feet. The Maldives Aggressor II supports and follows the local regulations. DIVING The crew of the Maldives Aggressor II with their unique combination of talents

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